Human-Centered Engineering Solutions
Aerospace Applications North America’s legacy of successful projects in the Aerospace Industry allows our engineers to quickly define and implement customized hardware and software solutions to every User Interface problem.

Spacecraft Display Prototyping

  • Orion
  • Advanced Cockpit
    Evaluation System
  • X38/CRV Cockpit

We support human-machine interface design challenges related to highly automated and complex systems. We turn ideas into desktop-based prototypes and fully functional cockpit mockups, organize test campaigns and process the results to refine the designs.

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User Interface Design

  • Sensor Fusion Project
  • Debris Tool
  • Electronic Procedures Authoring Tool

Our experience designing and prototyping spacecraft displays and controls allows us to provide human-machine interface design services to a wide variety of industries.

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Prototype Hardware

  • Orion Prototype Display Units
  • Orion Prototype Cursor Control Device
  • Orion Prototype Switch Panels
  • Orion Cockpit Mockup

We build fully-functional cockpit mockups out of custom designed 3D-printed parts and electronic components. We can quickly design and manufacture functional hardware solutions tailored to your specific situation.

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Data Analysis

  • Orion Display Documentation
  • Orion Display Software Pre-Verification

We create software applications that extract information from databases, telemetry dumps, source code, design documents or other sources to generate reports, automate processes or analyse patterns.

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ICE Cubes Service

  • Our expertise for your experiment
  • ICE Cubes operations

Get your own experiment, technology demonstrator, or thesis on board the International Space Station.

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  • Mission Control System

Yamcs is a framework for command and control over spacecrafts, satellites, payloads, ground stations and ground equipment.

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Aerospace Applications North America, Inc.

Our Company

Since 2004

Aerospace Applications North America, Inc. is a Texas-based Corporation specializing in Human-Machine Interface.

Our company was incorporated in October 2004, around the time NASA announced the development of the Orion spacecraft. Our experience with spacecraft cockpit prototyping, from our involvement with the X38 and other projects, allowed us to get quickly selected to participate in the design of the Orion cockpit, which has since then been our major focus of activity.

In March 2019 the company started to offer ICE Cubes Service in the United States. The ICE Cubes platform, developed by our parent company,  provides a low-cost way to fly experiments to the International Space Station.

Aerospace Applications North America, Inc. was incorporated in Texas in October 2004 after the completion of a successful series of human machine interface design projects for the European Space Agency in collaboration with NASA. These projects took place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and spread over a 5-year timeframe, starting with an involvement in the X38 project. When NASA announced the development of the Orion spacecraft, Space Applications Services, our Belgian parent company, decided to establish a US subsidiary to provide services directly to NASA. Thanks to our past experience, our company was quickly able to get involved with the design of the Orion spacecraft cockpit, which has been our main focus of activity ever since.

Over the years we have been intimately involved in defining, prototyping and evaluating early user interface concepts, designing and testing display formats for the various systems, building fully functional cockpit mockups to provide realistic simulation of the spacecraft operation during the display format evaluation campaigns, and implementing automated processes to document and pre-verify the resulting display software.

Human-centered engineering solutions

The main focus of our company is to provide human-centered solutions and engineering services for on-board and on-ground command and control of aircraft and space vehicles. Our expertise covers:

  • Mission design and operations scenario definition;
  • Design and implementation of ground segment solutions for command and control;
  • Design and implementation of automation and robotics command and control solutions;
  • Design and development of simulation systems and training tools;
  • Advanced man-machine interface concepts and solutions development.

Our experience includes:

  • Space Shuttle, ISS, X38, Orion systems and operations;
  • Mission definition and astronaut task analysis;
  • Human factor theory and psychology applied to cockpit design;
  • Human-machine interface rapid prototyping;
  • Space vehicle cockpit mockup manufacturing;
  • Prototype cockpit evaluation campaign;
  • Definition of human machine interface development processes;
  • Implementation of distributed tools to support the human machine interface development process;
  • Re-usable libraries of display graphical components;
  • Deployment of prototype code for flight test support;
  • Emerging technologies such as virtual reality, stereo vision and augmented reality;
  • Automated software documentation and pre-verification;
  • Software development in C/C++, OpenGL, Python, HTML and Javascript.

Custom software solutions

Although Aerospace Applications North America’s core expertise is with the aerospace industry, we also provide that experience to other industries.

Whether you are a space or aircraft manufacturer, financial institution, hotel, restaurant or travel agency; we can provide you with the specific software solution you need. Whether you are a government institution, a small business or large corporation; we are dedicated to satisfy your software needs and budget.

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Realise Your Aspiration

Aerospace Applications North America is a small business founded by engineers. We understand the value of a sound working environment where both employees and employer can grow and flourish. Not only are our services and solutions focused on the human, the company as a whole is.

If you would like to be part of a company, actively participate and not just be another employee, then you are the person we are looking for.

We do not have any job openings at this time, but we are constantly working on new projects. If you want to be kept informed of any new developments, contact us or follow us on LinkedIn.