HMI design

AANA provides Human Machine Interface design services to a wide variety of industries. Thanks to its experience designing and prototyping human machine interface solutions to monitor and control complex aerospace systems, AANA is able to provide custom solutions to anybody’s interface problem.

Whether you want a specific graphical component, an entire display or even a complete control system, AANA can design to your needs and budget.

To design and implement these custom software solutions or components we will make use of:

  • Languages
    • C/C++, OpenGL
    • Visual C++, Visual Basic or C#
    • HTML, XML
  • Environments

If you have the need for a custom software application, find out if we can accommodate your needs and budget. It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in, whether you are a small, middle or large business; give us a call and see how space technology and experience can benefit your company!

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