Display prototyping

AANA provides display prototyping services to the Aerospace industry. Among the projects:

  • Orion Cockpit: Develop and implement prototype displays, support display specification
  • Sensor Fusion: Develop and implement prototype displays, support display evaluation
  • X-38/CRV Cockpit: Develop and implement prototype displays, support display requirements definition

AANA supports the design challenges related to highly automated/sophisticated and complex systems. We turn ideas into desktop-based prototypes, organize test campaigns and process the results to refine the designs.

  • Define and implement the software and hardware interfaces and operational concepts, in collaboration with the system experts and users.
    • C/C++, OpenGL, MFC and Windows Programming
    • Microsoft Visual Studio, GL Studio and IData

  • Define and implement subsystem simulators using Commercial Software Tools, NASA proprietary Tools and in-house developments.
    • Matlab/Simulink models and custom S-Functions
    • Trick models

  • Integrate prototype interfaces, simulators and custom made human factors analysis tools to define and support test campaigns.
    • C/C++, MFC and Windows Programming
    • Visual C++, Visual Basic
    • UDP/TCP Programming

We use our system and operational knowledge of spacecraft system and operations, human factors expertise and programming skills to quickly turn ideas into viable solutions; provide starting points for further elaborations and test campaigns. We also support an easy evolution from prototype to actual operational system, minimizing development cost and time.

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