X38/CRV Cockpit

Human machine interfaces

AANA designed prototype human machine interfaces for the Crew Rescue Vehicle.

When operational, this CRV would have been an emergency vehicle to return up to seven International Space Station (ISS) crewmembers to Earth. The CRV required an innovative concept to allow intuitive crew interaction with a highly autonomous vehicle. The new interface simplified crew interaction and provided quick access to all information within a small display hierarchy, reducing training time, improving safety and operability.

The project involved the specification and implementation of a multi functional display application hosting 24 display formats for ISS separation, deorbit, reentry and landing, including systems, caution and warning and procedures. After weekly iterations on the display designs with NASA and industry executives the mission simulator was ready. This system with evaluator recording system was put through an extensive 3-month evaluation campaign involving 30 astronauts in a CRV cockpit mockup. AANA supported the writing of the CRV Displays and Controls Requirements document.

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