Orion Cockpit

Innovative displays

Aerospace Applications North America is part of NASA's Orion Cockpit Rapid Prototyping Team, assisting the engineers at the Johnson Space Center to define and develop innovative displays for NASA's new generation spacecraft.

In this project the responsibility of AANA is to implement operational concepts and test scenarios to help decide on final design issues such as:

  • type of controls during the different phases of the flight
  • organization of the screens
  • hardware specifics
  • operational concepts
  • display specifications

Software tools

The team implements software programs in C/C++, OpenGL and uses Commercial Software Tools to rapidly provide different teams at Johnson Space Center with the required prototypes to perform tests and evaluations. Examples are:

  • system simulators in Matlab/Simulink
  • hardware layout and specifics in C/C++, GL Studio and IData
  • display concepts in C/C++, GL Studio and IData