Oct 2014  AANA is 10 years old!

AANA is celebrating its 10th birthday!

The last 10 years have been an incredible adventure, and we are thrilled that the company has been able to participate in the amazing projects we have been involved with during the last 10 years. The team at AANA is ready to keep this up for another 10 years or more!!

May 2014  Orion Cockpit Prototyping Phase 4 Award

AANA was awarded a contract to continue our work on the Orion cockpit.

The main focus of this work consists in refining the concepts elaborated during the previous contract and ensuring the prototype cockpit can be successfully operated during a simulated mission in a collaborative user environment. The software program produced for this contract runs on a Windows computer, allowing convenient evaluation by astronauts and system specialists.

The contract starts on June 1st, 2014 and has a maximum period of performance of 5 years.

May 2009  Orion Cockpit Prototyping Phase 3 Award

AANA was awarded a contract to program prototype displays for the Orion cockpit.

The work consists in implementing prototype displays for the whole suite of systms composing the Orion spacecraft, allowing NASA (NASA) to evaluate the human machine interface principles selected to operate this vehicle in a desktop environment. The prototype displays generated through this work run on a Windows computer and can quickly be distributed to a number of target users for evaluation.

The contract starts on June 1st, 2009 and has a maximum priod of performance of 3 years, with two 1-year possible extensions.

May 2008  New AANA website online!

After weeks of intensive designing and programming we have launched the brand new AANA website.

When we started this project the goal was to communicate that Aerospace Applications North America is flexible, energetic and professional company. So did we succeed? Take a look around and see for yourself!

The site was designed and built by Netherlands-based designer Niels Heijman.