Human centered engineering solutions


Aerospace Applications North America, Inc. was incorporated in Texas in October 2004 after the completion of a successful series of human machine interface design projects performed in collaboration with NASA and ESA.

AANA originated when NASA announced that they were going to build a new spacecraft. Engineers, working for Space Applications Services, a Belgian company, decided together with their management that they should found a US Corporation to better be able to serve NASA.

It only made sense since these engineers were working on NASA/ESA projects at Johnson Space Center for over five years. They started in 1999 with the X38 Crew Rescue Vehicle, developing prototype displays for the CRV and supporting the drop tests of the different X38 spacecraft.

AANA is currently part of NASA's Orion Cockpit Rapid Prototyping Team, assisting engineers at JSC to define and develop displays for NASA's new generation spacecraft. AANA also supports a combined NASA and FAA effort to define new flight inspection operations and display concepts.

Custom software solutions

Although AANA’s initial incentive was the aerospace industry, we are now providing that experience to other industries. Whether you are a space or aircraft manufacturer, financial institution, hotel, restaurant or travel agency; we can provide you with the specific software solution you need. Whether you are a government institution, a small business or large corporation; we are dedicated to satisfy your software needs and budget.